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Our big and fancy about us page. Not all that much to say since this is basically an alternative news aggregator site, with a little personal opinion mixed in from time to time. Any of our readers will probably notice that we’ve been silent for a very long time and I, Andrew, as the editor here would like to apologize for that.

We pull news from sources all over the internet, the usual, such as CNN and Huffington Post, but we also try and get less well known commentary and opinion for anyone who might be interested.

We will be covering in greater detail politics and have since launched a separate section all for itself. We’ll also be doing some book reviews and reader reviews, mostly what we’ve picked up late at night at home. Its time maybe to get back to reading books rather than simply flipping through your smart phone.

I think it’s also a good idea for us to maybe go after some social media critique, those individuals and accounts we short of like and those who we think people should stay away from.

Although never fear, we will not deviate from the past where we try to bring you real estate, property, investing and design. So happy surfing, if we can make this a little easier for you to find fun topics of interest, then job, done!!!

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