True Blood & Funny People Home In Malibu

[media url=”” width=”600″ height=”400″] $75 million for this thing. I get it, I’ve been to Malibu, and have looked at real estate there, I kind of preferred the canyons myself, but that’s my personal taste. Basically building and getting permits in Malibu sucks, its almost impossible from my understanding and obviously, they aren’t making any […]

721 Fifth Avenue Walkthrough

[media url=”” width=”600″ height=”400″] Ahhh, okay forget that this is a Donald Trump property, just for one minute and think about it instead as a beautiful Fifth Avenue residence – granted it’s not really on the Upper East Side itself, instead more mid-town, so kind of like The Donald – lots of facade, no real […]

Upper East Side Townhouse, Not So Fab

Yes, supposedly the one of the ultimate status symbols on the planet (or at least in NY real estate circles), a townhouse on the upper east side. I had hopes for this video in that it might show a classic beautiful well restored townhouse… and almost as soon as it started I wanted to shoot […]