Media Companies Taking Sides In Politics?

I’m not too sure how I feel about media companies taking specific sides in highly political issues these days. I know that recently there’s been some concern that Facebook might be editing its stories. Conservative news outlets are in a spastic uproar over this issue, talk about feeling persecuted, they believe that they are being edited out of the conversation. Pretty funny when you consider just how much time the likes of Trump is getting on air. How exactly can anyone claim that the conservatives are not having their voice heard?

However, our point is that the news and responsible media is supposed to report on the news, not really take sides (I know you guys are laughing at me on this idea)… so isn’t a PR company also supposed to simply report, or issue statements for their clients, isn’t this how they attempt to remain partial in the news cycle? Although, as simply an announcement I guess something like this is okay, issuing a candidates opinion, even if it is an independent candidate.

Post Author: Lauren

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