Sinfully Delicious Key Lime Pie

It has been so very very long since I’ve been anywhere near South Florida, I guess that’s no excuse really when it comes to Key Lime Pie – you can pretty much get the tarty delicious custard pie anywhere at this point. But maybe I’m just a little too traditional in my tastes and feel that the very best always comes from the place from whence it originated, i.e.. you get Key Lime Pie in the Florida Keys. However, my opinions may have recently be swayed otherwise by a post a came across on the Sarah Wainwright’s Facebook page for A Cake And Wine

If you go to the general hashtag for #keylimepie most of the images and “recipes” are pretty uninspiring, but Sarah’s seriously makes me want to go out and teach myself how to bake one of these suckers. I love the simplicity, the color, no frills, I want to bet that’s one of the best Key Lime Pies around.

This post, officially marks the first new category in awhile, for Food!!!

Post Author: Lauren

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