True Blood & Funny People Home In Malibu

[media url=”” width=”600″ height=”400″] $75 million for this thing. I get it, I’ve been to Malibu, and have looked at real estate there, I kind of preferred the canyons myself, but that’s my personal taste. Basically building and getting permits in Malibu sucks, its almost impossible from my understanding and obviously, they aren’t making any more land out there so you’ve kind of got a trapped audience. Still, for $75 million I would much rather live somewhere else. Decor is a little cold, nice driveway… but only 4 car garage? If you’re spending that kind of money on the home, odds are you have a pretty great car collection. Just saying.
Also, Pacific Ocean = COLDDDDD.
You guys a Malibu Ocean type or more Downtown LA?

Post Author: Lauren

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