Upper East Side Townhouse, Not So Fab

Yes, supposedly the one of the ultimate status symbols on the planet (or at least in NY real estate circles), a townhouse on the upper east side. I had hopes for this video in that it might show a classic beautiful well restored townhouse… and almost as soon as it started I wanted to shoot myself in the face, Carter Oosterhouse hosting. Uggghh, this guy is such a sycophantic dud. The “owner / developer” Kate Shin makes me want to drown kittens, she’s gushing on how the house is her baby and how much she loves it and it’s her home, but nonetheless the video is basically a sales pitch – seriously read the rest of the listing. If that’s her heart and soul and she’s willing to sell it – well I think we all know what that means. Nuff said.
And if I can be even more degrading to Shin… asking $30 million, east of Lexington? Really?
We all have the dream of where we want to live, what’s yours?

Post Author: Lauren

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